praise for mina's heart

"Ms. Zurlo, your Safe Word: Oasis series is a real treat to read." --Two Lips Reviews

"The chemistry between Mina and Everett is explosive." --Kinky Book Reviews

"Sweet and emotional, without losing the dripping hotness factor...I loved seeing Mina grow as a character.  She doesn't back down.  Kudos for showing that submissive doesn't mean doormat. The BDSM is physically on the milder side, but emotionally intense.  This series is getting better and better...It's a must read!"--Under the Covers Book Blog

Mina's heart

Mina has sheltered her heart for so long. Can she learn to open it for love?

Mina hadn't meant to stay in Vermont. She'd planned to collect her mother and move across the country so they could begin a new life. When Everett Burke asked her out, she didn't mean for it to turn into anything serious, but she fell hard.

Everett had nursed a crush on Mina for years. When the strong, proud woman turned out to be a virgin--and emotionally vulnerable--he vowed to take things slowly. That included easing her into a D/s relationship slowly, only speaking frankly when he felt she was ready.

When Mina discovers his deception and what Ever really wants from her, she breaks it off and flees to the other side of the country. Then one snowy morning, her car careens off the road. Rescued by the one man she dreaded seeing again, she found out she'd run for all the wrong reasons.

Desperate, she submits a wish to Oasis. She wants to know one thing: Can they put the past behind them to build a future together? 

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Praise for Wanting wilder

From USA Today Michele writes with such vivid style that she lifts the reader into the story to participate in the delicious, wicked fantasy. 

From Manic Readers Reviews Richer and deeper than the previous in the Safe Word series Wanting Wilder packs a wallop. The BDSM was heavily bondage and quite beautiful, the descriptions of Wilder's skills will have many women and men swooning. I also have to confess I would have awarded even another star for the ending discussion about discipline and punishment...This one scores high on the BDSM Realmeter, with plausible scenes and real feelings. Of course, Oasis is just a fantasy but a girl can dream! 

Bottom Line: Like good wine Zurlo has aged into her writing well. I'm giving this my top recommendation to my friends who enjoy a good BDSM romance and definitely will enjoy seeing them go wild for Wilder!

From Two Lips Reviews Ms. Zurlo brilliantly juxtaposes the past events with the present moment so that Wilder and Lydia can let go of the past and realize they are soul mates. If you love novels with plenty of sizzling BDSM action, complex characters and a rockin’ plotline, pick up Wanting Wilder today.

From Under the Covers Book Blog Readers get to see how perfect a connection between Dom and sub can be...This tale transcended the stereotype by capturing very authentic and complex emotions. It’s easy to understand Lydia’s motivations and fears. Wilder comes on strong and makes those of us who are submissive at heart just melt. Or catch fire. The scenes that play out are hot.

From The Romance Reviews   Michele Zurlo made the characters in WANTING WILDER so engaging...WANTING WILDER is a definite hit for me. The story, the characters, and the romance struck the perfect chord and had me glued from beginning to end. Michele Zurlo has me addicted to these Safe Word: Oasis books.

From Coffee Time Romance Lydia and Wilder garnered affection from the first page. The love between the master and sub leaps off the page and insinuates itself in the reader's heart. I never felt left behind because of this being the fourth book in the series but instead felt a part of the story. I loved Wanting Wilder and put Ms. Zurlo on my list of authors to look for. 

Wanting Wilder--Currently Unavailable

Fate brought them together, but then it ripped them apart.

Eight years later, Wilder is still wishing for more time with the dark-skinned beauty he held in his arms for a weekend, and Lydia is still searching for a man worthy enough to be called "Master."

At Oasis headquarters, they're in the business of making dreams come true. Any wish they agree to fulfill means making conditions perfect for soul mates to connect. So when their new wish coordinator is perfect in every way but one--she's never had her deepest desires fulfilled--the management at Oasis requires her to make a wish. Only Lydia doesn't want to risk her heart. So she makes a partial wish. She wants to serve a Dom without the complications of a romantic relationship.

Wilder Burke, son of the Oasis founders, is just the man for the job. Years of accumulated misunderstandings means he must settle for the little bit she's willing to give. But when Lydia pushes him too far and he violates the terms of their agreement, he knows he's lost her for good.

Will Wilder fight for Lydia, or will he let fate tear them apart once more?

Praise for By my side--currently unavailable

"This was such a great story. I loved the interaction between Sean and Marcella both prior to their sexual relationship and after. The heat between them was! Bondage, spanking, orgasm was all there and it was very, VERY hot. But, underneath all of that, there was a deep emotional connection between the two of them that made the sexual heat burn that much hotter." The Romance Reviews

"The way Michele Zurlo develops the relationship between the main characters of this story is fresh and interesting. The tension that runs through By My Side is both emotional and physical. I admire and appreciate the way BDSM is presented by Michele Zurlo. The sex scenes in By My Side are smoking hot and I think the key to that has to do with the way the story is laid out. By the time the sex scenes take place, they are more than sexual happenings; they are occasions of making mad, passionate love after having yearned for a connection for so long." BlackRaven Reviews

"Wear asbestos gloves when reading By My Side." Two Lips Reviews

"As usual, Zurlo crafts excellent characters who display just the right amount of conflict and conflicting goals." Manic Readers Reviews

 "Both titillating and romantic" -- A Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

"This story was executed in such a manner that made me go “aw”, through most of the book.  It is a very delicate balance to craft that kind story...Michele did something amazing with this couple." -- Kinky Book Reviews

"This is one I'll be reading again."--BDSM Book Reviews

praise for Yes, justin--Found in the Dominant Persuasions Anthology

5 Lips from Two Lips Review: "Yes, Justin is a very powerful novella showing love can heal...  Ms. Zurlo expertly weaves the kink of D/s with Trish’s inevitable tears and shame as she finally confesses her feelings about their marriage.  Justin takes these criticisms to heart and demonstrates he is the Dom of her dreams, rocking her world, putting Trish through her paces, and often making me squirm in my seat.  During their time together in the Oasis cabin, Trish and Justin engage in meaningful conversation as well as explore D/s seeing how it will continue to fit into their lives long after their erotic tryst is a memory.  I can’t wait to return to Ms. Zurlo’s fictional world in the future to see how this secret organization will bring more people’s fantasies to life." 

5 Paddles from BDSM Book Review: "It is a short but satisfying read, with some hot sex, and a lot of emphasis on the give and take of sex play."

5 Diamonds from Got Erotic Romance: "What I loved about this book was Justin from start to finish... The sex scenes are scorching."

Recommended Read from Kinky Book Reviews: "I fell so in love with Justin's character. He became a night in shining armor, erotica style."