Broken Love (A SAfe Security Novel: Jesse and Jessica 2)

Jesse: Four months after Jessica walked away from me, I returned to find that she’d removed herself from my life as much as possible—even from her art studio and storefront on the first floor of the SAFE Security building. She couldn’t run far since she was carrying my child, and one night of playing nice landed me in her bed. While it didn’t repair the broken love between us, it renewed my determination to win her back.

 Jessica: Ending up in the back of Jesse’s truck while he was on vacation wasn’t what I’d intended, but it gave us time to talk in a way we hadn’t before. Now that he understood I wasn’t a submissive, maybe we had a chance to be friends and co-parents?

I just wish I could stop yearning for his touch.

Drawing On Love (A SAfe Security Novel: Jesse and Jessica 1)

Lessons I learned growing up: 1) Take care of yourself. Everyone else will let you down. 2) People come and go. Mostly, they go. It’s best not to get too close. 3) Lying and stealing are acceptable survival techniques. 4) Hide anything important.

Now that I’m free from that life, unlearning these lessons is proving almost impossible. Falling in love didn’t cure me, but that doesn’t stop Jesse Foraker, a security specialist who thinks love can heal anything.

When an unplanned pregnancy lights a fire under me to recover memories and artistic skills I’d lost in the accident that left me with lingering physical problems, my instincts kick in. Nothing matters but making sure I can take care of myself and this child.

Jessica Zinn is determined to stand on her own, so she embarks on a journey that will bring her face-to-face to a past she’s forgotten and force her to confront the demons she still carries. Through it all, Jesse’s unwavering love is a beacon that inspires hope in her darkest hours.

But is it enough?

Warning: D/s, impact play, bondage, spanking, hard truths

These novels arent mean to stand alone. I meant them to, but Jessica and Jesse had other plans for their story. It couldn’t be contained in one volume, so it’s a trilogy. Though it stands by itself (as a trilogy with a prequel,) meaning you don’t have to read the other SAFE Security novels in order to follow Jesse and Jessica’s story, all of these characters appear in the other books, and so it is beneficial to also follow those adventures.

Reading Order:

Forging Love (alternating viewpoints)
Drawing on Love (Jessica’s viewpoint)
Broken Love (Mostly Jesse’s viewpoint)

Shards of Love (alternating viewpoints)

Shards of Love (A SAfe Security Novel: Jesse and Jessica 3)

“I’d wanted the fairy tale, and somewhere along the line I’d forgotten that everyone in a fairy tale paid a price.”

All Jessica ever wanted was a family.

When the unthinkable happens, Jessica finds herself adrift in a sea of grief. It’s going to take everything she has to pull her life together and fight for the life she wants.

Warning: Bondage, D/s, rape (not romanticized)