Re/Captured(Doms of the FBI 7)--Coming in 2018

When a day helping out at Legal Aid puts Katrina in the crosshairs of a serial killer bent on sending his version of romantic gifts, life starts to spiral out of control. Not only is she trying to plan her wedding, but work and home life are increasingly hectic.

Keith has doubts about Kat and the reasons she keeps postponing the wedding, so he sets out to recapture her heart. Meanwhile, the serial killer’s obsession with Katrina only grows—threatening her entire family.

Sacrifices must be made, but can love help them survive the fallout?

 Warnings: BDSM, anal sex, D/s

Letting Go (Author's Cut)--Coming in 2019

Description coming soon--Reissue of Jonas and Sabrina's compelling love story with 1/3 more content!

Drawing on Love (SAFE SEcurity 3)--Coming in 2018

Lessons I learned growing up: 1) Take care of yourself. Anyone else will let you down. 2) People come and go. Mostly, they go. It’s best not to get too close. 3) Lying and stealing are acceptable survival techniques. 4) Hide anything important.

Now that I’m free from that life, unlearning these lessons is proving almost impossible. Falling in love didn’t cure me, but that doesn’t stop Jesse Foraker, a security specialist who thinks love can heal anything.

When an unplanned pregnancy lights a fire under me to recover memories and artistic skills I’d lost in the accident that left me with lingering physical problems, my instincts kick in. Nothing matters but making sure I can take care of myself and this child.

Jessica Zinn is determined to stand on her own, so she embarks on a journey that will bring her face-to-face to a past she’s forgotten and force her to confront the demons she still carries. Through it all, Jesse’s unwavering love is a beacon that inspires hope in her darkest hours.

Hanging On (Author's Cut)--Coming in 2019

Description coming soon--Reissue of Drew and Sophia's compelling love story combined with part 2--when they add Neal to their family.