Forging Love (A SAFE Security Novella)--coming August 2017

Jessica Zinn: Rebuilding my life hasn’t been easy, and I’m far from done. I have some habits I can’t seem to shake, like picking pockets, forgery, and manipulating men to get what I want. I don’t want to manipulate Jesse, but the lines have blurred, and I can’t separate my honest emotions from my bad habits.

Jesse Foraker: I fell in love with Jessica the first time I saw her, and I’ll wait as long as it takes for her to be ready to love me back.

The time has come for Jesse to make his move, but will Jessica’s love be the real thing, or a forgery?

Ligada de Nuevo (Doms of the FBI 1)--Spanish Version of Re/Bound coming May 2017

Recuperarse después de la pérdida devastadora de su Maestro es más difícil de lo que Darcy había anticipado. Justo cuando más necesita a alguien, aparece un atractivo Dominante. Theo es considerado, dominante y exigente —exactamente lo que ella necesita. Él empuja sus barreras, pone a prueba sus límites, y la hace llegar a nuevas alturas. Gracias a él, ella recuerda lo que es sentir alegría, amor, y una mano firme en el trasero.

 El agente Malcolm Legato persigue a un hombre de negocios corrupto, y Darcy puede facilitarle la entrada a lo más alto de la Corporación Snyder. Aunque él inicia su relación con ella con la intención de utilizarla para avanzar su investigación, no puede evitar enamorarse perdidamente de esta combativa sumisa, y sabe que le romperá el corazón cuando descubra que le ha estado mintiendo desde el principio.

Cuando todo se desmorone, ¿será Darcy capaz de encontrar la fortaleza necesaria para perdonar a Malcolm y construir una vida juntos? ¿Y sabrá hallar el valor requerido para conseguir hacerle justicia al hombre que amaba y que ha perdido?

Con nudos de cuerda y de argumento, esta historia repleta de acción os hará reír, llorar, y estremeceros por muy buenas razones. Con Ligada de nuevo, Michele Zurlo os ofrece una historia inteligente, atrevida y sexy.

 Advertencias: Bondage, D/s, S/M, baile de salsa

Switching It Up (SAFE Security #2)--coming August 2017

As Brea settles into her new life as a D/s switch, treasure hunter, and David’s fiancée, her old nemesis Grayson Cuyler resurfaces with a deadly deal. Either David must accept a dangerous, unsanctioned mission or Cuyler will make sure Brea pays for her former life as a thief and con artist. Against Brea’s wishes, David and his team take on this impossible task.

Left behind, Brea and her sister/partner-in-crime Jessica hatch a plan that will take them to the Central American country of San Tesoro and put them in the clutches of the man from whom David must steal the prize that will save or doom them all.

Warnings: BDSM, sensory play, anal sex, sex toys, D/s role switching, and chocolate frosting

Discovering Desires: Three Kinky Novellas--Coming May 2017

Disclaimer: Yes, Justin, Out of My League, and By My Side were originally appeared as novellas in part of the Safeword Oasis series. All three titles have been revised, and they no longer are part of the Oasis series. Additionally Yes, Justin has been expanded.

Yes, Justin

After fifteen years and two kids, the romance has fled from Trish’s marriage. When a friend introduces her to BDSM, she decides it’s what she wants—to have her body and soul mastered by a man who is completely focused on her. And that’s not her husband, whose life revolves around his career.

Justin isn’t shocked when he finds out his wife is planning to cheat on him. They’ve been drifting apart for years, and he hates it. To save their marriage, he’ll carry out her kidnap fantasy, fulfill her desire to be dominated, and force her to confront the reasons she wanted to be there in the first place.

Out of My League

The reconstructive surgery that gave Mia the confidence to ask a friend to set her up with someone who resembles Kaelen didn't erase her insecurities, but she's hoping it will start healing the emotional scars she's carried for far too long.

Whenever he's around the breathtaking teaching assistant, Kaelen can't seem to keep from sticking his foot in his mouth. He'll do anything to show her that he's so much more than the incompetent graduate student he always appears to be.

When the two of them show up at the designated spot, they're both shocked to discover that Warren had granted the wish neither had the courage to make. After a mind-blowing day together, neither can find the courage to ask for more. They part ways only to end up assigned to the same room at a Caribbean resort. Will the sultry atmosphere help them both make their deepest wishes come true?

By My Side

Marcella Abbot has worked for Sean Winquist for more than a year. As his personal assistant, she manages nearly every aspect of his life. He's a Dom and she's a submissive. Through their year working together, they've become friends and colleagues, but Marcella yearns for more. She's in love with Sean, and she's frustrated that he can't see past her efficient exterior.

When Sean's submissive for a BDSM benefit show cancels unexpectedly two days before the event, Marcella jumps at the chance to take her place. Sean wants Marcella, but he's afraid to let the walls of professionalism come tumbling down and risk losing her.