Wanting Wilder (Reissue)--Coming March 2018

Fate brought them together, but then it ripped them apart. Eight years later, Wilder is still wishing for more time with the beautiful submissive he held in his arms for a weekend, and Lydia is still searching for a man worthy enough to be called "Master."
At Oasis headquarters, they're in the business of making dreams come true—especially for the people who work there. When Lydia lands a job there, she is required to make a wish, only she doesn’t want to risk her heart, so she wishes to serve a Dom without the complications of a romantic relationship.

Wilder Burke, son of the Oasis founders, is just the man for the job. Years of accumulated misunderstandings means he must settle for the little bit she's willing to give. Will Wilder fight for Lydia, or will he let fate tear them apart once more?

Warnings: D/s, bondage, impact play

Letting Go (Author's Cut)--Coming in 2019

Description coming soon--Reissue of Jonas and Sabrina's compelling love story with 1/3 more content!

Drawing on Love (SAFE SEcurity 3)--Coming June 2018

Lessons I learned growing up: 1) Take care of yourself. Anyone else will let you down. 2) People come and go. Mostly, they go. It’s best not to get too close. 3) Lying and stealing are acceptable survival techniques. 4) Hide anything important.

Now that I’m free from that life, unlearning these lessons is proving almost impossible. Falling in love didn’t cure me, but that doesn’t stop Jesse Foraker, a security specialist who thinks love can heal anything.

When an unplanned pregnancy lights a fire under me to recover memories and artistic skills I’d lost in the accident that left me with lingering physical problems, my instincts kick in. Nothing matters but making sure I can take care of myself and this child.

Jessica Zinn is determined to stand on her own, so she embarks on a journey that will bring her face-to-face to a past she’s forgotten and force her to confront the demons she still carries. Through it all, Jesse’s unwavering love is a beacon that inspires hope in her darkest hours.

Hanging On (Author's Cut)--Coming in 2019

Description coming soon--Reissue of Drew and Sophia's compelling love story combined with part 2--when they add Neal to their family.

Careful What You Wish For--coming Fall 2018

I wish to be made whole.

Sebastian: Fulfilling such a vague wish is difficult, but after meeting Charlotte, I didn’t mind taking the time to figure it out. Falling in love with her was easy.

Charlotte: Who knew that wishing on a coin could change my life so profoundly? After one terrible marriage, I wasn’t looking to fall in love—not even with a sexy leprechaun.

 When healing Charlotte unleashes an elemental power that sends fey leaders into a panic, Sebastian is forced to choose sides. Will he help eradicate a powerful being who holds the power of life and death in her hands, or will he stand by the woman who is his fated mate?

Worlds collide when ancient beings reemerge in human form, and through it all, Charlotte must find the courage to take control of her life and embrace love.

Mina's Heart (Reissue)--Coming May 2018

Mina hadn't meant to stay in Vermont. She'd planned to collect her mother and move across the country so they could begin a new life. When Everett Burke asked her out, she didn't mean for it to turn into anything serious, but she fell hard.

Everett had nursed a crush on Mina for years. When the strong, proud woman turned out to be a virgin--and emotionally vulnerable--he vows to take things slowly, even if that means shielding her from the true nature of their D/s relationship.

When Mina discovers his deception and what Ever really wants from her, she flees from him and the life he offered. Then one snowy morning, her car careens off the road. Rescued by the one man she dreaded seeing again, she found out she'd run for all the wrong reasons.

Desperate, she submits a wish to Oasis. She wants to know one thing: Can they put the past behind them to build a future together?
Warnings: D/S, deception, exhibitionism, forced orgasm