Careful What You Wish For--Coming Fall 2018

I wish to be made whole.

Sebastian: Fulfilling such a vague wish is difficult, but after meeting Charlotte, I didn’t mind taking the time to figure it out. Falling in love with her was easy.

Charlotte: Who knew that wishing on a coin could change my life so profoundly? After one terrible marriage, I wasn’t looking to fall in love—not even with a sexy leprechaun.
When healing Charlotte unleashes an elemental power that sends fey leaders into a panic, Sebastian is forced to choose sides. Will he help eradicate a powerful being who holds the power of life and death in her hands, or will he stand by the woman who is his fated mate?

Worlds collide when ancient beings reemerge in human form, and through it all, Charlotte must find the courage to take control of her life and embrace love.