Praise for Two Masters for samanta--In the Zurlo Vault Indefinitely

Reviews "Two Masters for Samantha by Michele Zurlo is one of those books that you want to read over and over again. As the story unfolded, I had to stop and turn on the fan because the room was getting hot. I found the story was loaded with hot sexual scenes, a few laughs in places, and was an all around enjoyable read." --Whipped Cream Reviews 

Blackraven's Reviews:  It was a great read, full of passion, gorgeous twins and hot, hot sex scenes. The characters were very well developed. Each person's personality jumped off of the page and the chemistry between them was, um, HOT. Ms. Zurlo did an excellent job writing Two Masters for Samantha.

Praise for Hanging On--In the Zurlo Vault until mid-2019

"In Hanging On, Michele Zurlo is masterful using BDSM as another character, the plot device by which she can have Sophia use it both for keeping her distance and yet lower her walls of isolation, but not let anyone know. The main characters, Sophia and Drew are fully realized...they both have virtues and flaws, which only help us to relate to them. Ms. Zurlo has crafted a tale, spiraling inward towards the inevitable dénouement, which captures your imagination and takes you along for the ride. This is a well crafted, well written book, highly recommended. Among the plethora of books available, Hanging On is a jewel, a treasure of a story describing a woman?s journey through hell and finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." --Happily Ever After Reviews.

 "Hanging On is an incredible book. Sophia's character was extraordinarily well written, with a realistic and complex personality. Drew was also brilliantly written. Beyond the great depth of character, the two certainly ignite the sheets in the bedroom! The BDSM scenes are something to behold, exquisitely written with both drama and arousal in mind. Hanging On isn't a  lighthearted book about sex and love, it's often dark and volatile, but it is definitely well worth the roller coaster ride of emotions it will inspire." --Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Someone get me an ice pack! Hanging On by Michele Zurlo is just as hot as the first book in this series! Not only does this story take one of my favorite characters out of the first book, Sophia, it also gives her an uber sexy chef who doesn?t mind sharing! I about melted into my chair when I read the first scene between Sophia, Livia and Drew... I can?t thank Ms. Zurlo enough for creating such a wonderful character like Sophia. She gives Drew a wonderful chase and has you wondering at times who?s gonna tame who, but it?s well worth the read. So if you?re looking for a book with a ballsy woman who knows what she wants and a man who won?t take no for answer, this is the book for you!" -- Dark Diva Reviews 

Praise for Top 10 Amazon Bestseller Letting Go--In the vault until early 2019

5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "WOW! That’s the first thing that comes to mind now that I’ve read Letting Go by Michele Zurlo. Ms. Zurlo has penned an awesome story of both romance and love with submission and domination in a tale to beat all odds. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a romance full of hot sex!" --Dark Diva Reviews

 "Michele Zurlo has penned a dynamic tale that I was completely captivated with, high praise for Letting Go."

"Michele Zurlo’s Letting Go is on my list of rereads! I am hoping to see more from this talented author!" --Joyfully Reviewed

Praise for Time to Pretend--In the Zurlo Vault Indefinitely

5 Cherries from Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews: "Michele Zurlo is wonderfully adept at fleshing out her characters, even her secondary characters, bringing them all and the story to vibrant life. She is remarkably gifted at making it all seem so real, that it is both absorbing and memorable. The erotism throughout is divine. From super hot and frenetic, to loving and deliciously sensual, especially when all three finally let down all their guards and participate fully. This story is so much more than just a quick immersion into the lusty cravings and socially frowned upon excesses of an older woman with her eager young studs. It's a love story with an edginess to it that combines several hot themes (cougar with younger man, cougar in a Ménage à trois with two younger men, bisexuality) into a plot that's completely riveting from start to finish. I absolutely loved it! This is the fourth book in highly acclaimed Awakenings series and another superb tale of love, lust and life that make her novels, such a delightful fascination to read."

Mar at The Reader's Roundtable After Dark: "Time to Pretend's interesting storyline really grabs the reader from the very beginning. Powerful male/male scenes blend in with just as strong menage scenes. Ms. Zurlo does a great job of creating families who are accepting of their sons' sexual preferences and dealing with modern day issues. In depth characters and a multi-layered plot surprised me! Time to Pretend by Michele Zurlo is a beautiful love story with scorching sex scenes to keep you on your toes."

From Silla at JERR: "Ms. Zurlo’s mastery of a sex scene is second to none! Time To Pretend is chock full of some of the most erotic lovemaking I’ve had the pleasure of reading! The sex scenes between Daniel and Evan are excruciatingly hot, and when Alaina is added to the mix, they just get steamier! Alaina’s character is so great. She’s strong and spicy yet vulnerable. Evan and Daniel are both sexy, charismatic and sweet men who make me want to sign up for a karate class STAT!"

Introducing the Zurlo vault

 As the rights to the Awakenings series return to me, I am prohibited from refreshing, revising, and republishing them until December 2018. When the books return, they'll be better than ever--and true to my original vision. I promise it'll be worth the wait to see the incredible differences! In the  meantime, take a chance with another of my many wonderful love stories.

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