Owning Up (formerly Two Masters for Samantha) launches April 11, 2019 with a whole new storyline

An offer she couldn’t refuse…

 When two handsome brothers offer Samantha Spencer a night of passion, curiosity lands her in their arms. The spirited artist craves a lover with enough energy to satisfy her between the sheets, and these twins deliver a deliciously decadent experience.

Their perfect submissive…

One night with Samantha leaves Alexei and Stefano wanting more—especially the glimpses they catch of the submissive within. But a relationship isn’t a business deal, and sometimes even love isn’t enough. With everything on the line, what are they willing to sacrifice for the ultimate dream?

Praise for Time to Pretend--In the Zurlo Vault Indefinitely

5 Cherries from Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews: "Michele Zurlo is wonderfully adept at fleshing out her characters, even her secondary characters, bringing them all and the story to vibrant life. She is remarkably gifted at making it all seem so real, that it is both absorbing and memorable. The erotism throughout is divine. From super hot and frenetic, to loving and deliciously sensual, especially when all three finally let down all their guards and participate fully. This story is so much more than just a quick immersion into the lusty cravings and socially frowned upon excesses of an older woman with her eager young studs. It's a love story with an edginess to it that combines several hot themes (cougar with younger man, cougar in a Ménage à trois with two younger men, bisexuality) into a plot that's completely riveting from start to finish. I absolutely loved it! This is the fourth book in highly acclaimed Awakenings series and another superb tale of love, lust and life that make her novels, such a delightful fascination to read."

Mar at The Reader's Roundtable After Dark: "Time to Pretend's interesting storyline really grabs the reader from the very beginning. Powerful male/male scenes blend in with just as strong menage scenes. Ms. Zurlo does a great job of creating families who are accepting of their sons' sexual preferences and dealing with modern day issues. In depth characters and a multi-layered plot surprised me! Time to Pretend by Michele Zurlo is a beautiful love story with scorching sex scenes to keep you on your toes."

From Silla at JERR: "Ms. Zurlo’s mastery of a sex scene is second to none! Time To Pretend is chock full of some of the most erotic lovemaking I’ve had the pleasure of reading! The sex scenes between Daniel and Evan are excruciatingly hot, and when Alaina is added to the mix, they just get steamier! Alaina’s character is so great. She’s strong and spicy yet vulnerable. Evan and Daniel are both sexy, charismatic and sweet men who make me want to sign up for a karate class STAT!"

Letting Go returns February 2019

An Impulsive Proposal…

The terms of Sabrina’s grandfather’s will require for her to be married in order to gain her inheritance. In a moment of weakness, she proposes to a handsome stranger at work. She needs someone to play a part, and she’s willing to sleep with him to sweeten the deal.

A Promise of Passion…

With a failed marriage haunting him and something to prove, Jonas Spencer jumps at the chance to have sex with a beautiful, intelligent woman for a whole year. It would be fun, and he could use some fun in his life—as long as she lived by his rules. He is a Dominant, after all.

A Powerful Desire…

No man has ever satisfied Sabrina in bed, but Jonas is willing to peel away her carefully constructed façade. Layer by layer, he reveals the depths of her passion. As Sabrina falls in love with Jonas, she forces him to confront his dark secrets.

Can she help him let go of the past, or will he use it to throw away the future?